3 steps to SEO success

SEO Infographic

1.       Content

Post Google Panda, content is the single most important factor to SEO success. Content must be relevant and high quality; it must be useful to your target audience.  Without high quality content, your website will never outrank your competitors. Content Marketing is a huge buzzword for 2014, and is focused on the notion that great content draws in an audience, increases relevancy and improves authority. Content is also the best way to attract links and social sharing which are also key for SEO success.

2.       On-site SEO

An essential element to optimise your website is to improve on site SEO. This impacts relevancy and rankings, boosting your online exposure and opportunities. On-site SEO includes: improving information architecture, meta data, heading tags, image alt txt, keyword density optimisation, content optimisation, optimise robots.txt, check/fix crawl errors etc.

3.       Off-site SEO (linkbuilding)

In a post penguin world, link-building is about quality and relevance, not quantity and less about link-building, more about link-earning. Link-building in 2014 is very much content based, focused on the idea that providing great/useful/entertaining/educational content is the best way to gain or earn links naturally. If you provide great content, people will link to it – simple. Links from Social Media are considered as high quality as they are seen as “natural recommendations” from actual people. A bit like word-of-mouth but for the digital age.