‘7 touch’ marketing

Consistency & persistence

For 25 years I’ve been doing marketing, it’s more than I wish to admit, but amazingly there is still one problem that comes up higher than anything else when I talk to business owners about their marketing challenges and that is the ability to plan and be consistent. Campaigns are started in a flurry of excitement, but soon fizzle out when other more pressing business matters arise … but are they really that pressing? Consistency and persistence are two characteristics that are essential in marketing – why? Because it takes on average 7 engagements with a prospect to change that person from someone who has never heard of you or your company to someone who is ready to do business with you.  That’s why we always have in mind the 7 touch marketing plan.

Consistency in 7 touch marketing is essential, ensuring that whatever channel someone encounters your proposition through it is clear and consistent. It doesn’t mean it has to be identical in every channel, indeed social media marketing is quite different from traditional direct mail and so should be treated as such, but whether the prospect encounters you on YouTube or via the letterbox, they need to be able to link it all up and know that it’s you talking to them, inviting them to do business!

Persistence counts in marketing, not the sort of persistence where you hound to death every prospect, but a persistence that means you see your marketing campaign right the way through and don’t give up half way. That means keeping your sales force engaged and active, ensuring that your campaign is sustainable, affordable and bringing in results and being prepared to be honest about results and make the necessary adjustments as opportunities or needs arise.

7 touch marketing requires creativity and understanding of where and when your target audience will want to engage with you and be most receptive to your product or service. With the plethora of marketing channels now available, choosing the right channels and ensuring they are linked up and working hard for you is crucial. Choose wisely and remember, it’s going to take on average 7 touches to turn a suspect into a true prospect who is ready to trust you and do business!



Managing Director