Meet the Team

Who are these redPepper's you need to know?

Often mistaken for the “Red Hot Chilli Peppers”, we’re really marketing professionals.

Michelle Tennens
Managing Director

This fiery, level-headed redhead happens to be our founding director and the one who planted redPepper. She’s a qualified marketer with tons of experience with international and local giants. She’s also a Wife, Mother to two teenage boys, Non-Executive Director of Ipswich Building Society, passionate African drummer and windsurfer and still finds time to dive headfirst into any marketing project. Phew.

Dale Connelly
Story expert

He serves as our expert in helping businesses tell a better story. Also, a Husband, Papa and Neighbour.

Amie Sotiriou
Digital Marketing Strategist

Wife and Mother to one with cats called Donut, Porridge and Milly, and a degree in Advertising & Media, Culture and Communications. She’s the queen of SEO and PPC strategy and her marketing knowledge and practical experience makes climbing Google rankings a breeze (albeit a breeze with lots of hard work behind it). If that’s what you need, call us.

Lynsey Bramley
Marketing Executive

This lovely lady exchanged banking and customer service for marketing where her media knowledge comes in handy. She’s a fan of the TV show Prison Break, and Gillian Flynn who writes about murder which might be clues that she has a degree in Crimonology and the Media. She’s got two beautiful Siamese cats, Lulu and Mia, the best dip-dye we’ve ever seen, and dreams of learning another language.

Bronwen Steele
Marketing Assistant & Copywriter

This Instagram-addict was an intern with us and has stuck around. She’s still figuring out what her long-term plans are, a process made harder by the perfectionist tendencies we make full use of when it comes to proofreading and getting everything just-so. Put a keyboard in front of her however and falter she does not. She copy-writes with a vengeance.  Creative, pedantic and very, very British, she has the terrible habit of drinking tea even paler than herself and then reheating it in the microwave when she forgets to drink it.

Malcolm Johnston
Freelance Business Consultant

This freelance business consultant works with us on business strategy for corporate clients. His list of qualifications is as long as your arm, with a BA in Accountancy & Law, Diploma in International Business, MSc in Strategic Marketing Management and international business experience. He’s focused, bold, and knows all the marketing gurus. He may be scary when it comes to execution and getting the job done, but bear in mind that this keen horseman has a love for both horses and chickens.