Actress Sharon Stone visits children and refugees in Basilicata

This story from our client Basilicata warmed the hearts of the redPepper Marketing team, and we hope that it will warm yours too.

On September the 12th and 13th Actress Sharon Stone has visited children and refugees in Basilicata. The actress arrived in Matera to visit the City of Peace for Children located in Scanzano Jonico, on the outskirts of Matera. The actress delivered a speech at the Palazzo Gattini during a fundraising dinner to raise money for the foundation. The City of Peace for Children is a foundation that supports refugees crossing the borders of countries like Sicily, risking their own lives to flee persecution and conflicts that cause bloodshed in the Middle East and southern Mediterranean coasts. There are thousands of children every day, fleeing war and violence. Often alone, sometimes with family they have witnessed death and destruction first hand, horrors they will not forget.

During the visit Sharon Stone who was invited by Betty Williams, Nobel Peace prize winner and the president of the foundation had the opportunity to visit the houses that welcome refugees. Betty Williams, wanted to create a safe haven in Basilicata, where ‘refugees can be protected, where children can find a lost humanity and the strength to rebuild their life and start a new future’. From 2012 to today the foundation has welcomed over 80 people, and offers comfort to those in need to bring a better future and protection to those at risk.