It's not just about the posters

Integrated campaign planning… advertising from A to Z

We use advertising as one part of an integrated marketing campaign, spreading your message through different channels and making sure it comes across with an impactful and cohesive personality. If you’re all about the slow, steady approach, we can get it across in a solidly sensible way, if you’re all about the explosion, we’ll go at it with a bang.

Advertising can be anything you can think of, from posters, to sending things in the post, to posting via social media. We encourage you to think outside the box. The 7-touch principle says that it takes 7 times for someone to see, hear or feel your brand before they engage with it.  In light of that, why stick solely with print advertising when the same message can be adapted to spill out through radio, YouTube, merchandise, Point of Sale, flash mobs, chickens wearing placards or helicopters showering branded confetti from the skies?

Maybe not every campaign requires something that extreme, but we want you to know that we’re an advertising agency that is not afraid to be creative.

Advertising Agency Essex