redPeppers’ Top 10 Christmas Adverts of 2020

Christmas seems to start a little earlier every year, so it’s no surprise that with two weeks to go until the big day, we feel like we’ve seen every Christmas advert going. With the season of mince pies and mistletoe well and truly upon us, we count down this year’s top 10 Christmas adverts.

10. Amazon – ‘The Show Must Go On’

Amazon tells the tale of a young girl who misses out on being the star of her ballet show when the performance is cancelled due to Covid. The girl’s sister convinces her not to waste her hours of practice, and she eventually performs to impressed neighbours while snows falls around her. The ad is an enjoyable watch and certainly rings true to everyone who has missed out on something special this year. For us, however, the brand placement felt clumsy. Overall the ad was lacking some much needed festive cheer.

9. John Lewis – ‘Give a Little Love’

The annual John Lewis Christmas advert is somewhat legendary among Christmas and advertising fanatics, (see our previous article for our complete John Lewis Christmas ad rankings)! This year’s offering stands out for its clever transitions between animation and videography. While the messaging of giving a little love is appropriately heart-warming for a John Lewis advert, this wasn’t their best effort, and unfortunately, didn’t match up to the likes of Edgar the Excitable Dragon.

8. Aldi Christmas Launch Advert

Aldi favourite, Kevin the Carrot and family, appear in this advert, which is surprisingly endearing considering the main stars are, well, animated carrots. The supermarket chain once again cashed in on the popularity of their range of Kevin merchandise with this nice enough, but rather forgettable, ad. The video shows Kevin’s frantic journey home in time for a family Christmas and features a cameo from Father Christmas himself.

7. Argos: An Evening with AbracaDaisy & The Incredible Lucy

This advert made us nostalgic for days spent as a child circling items from the Argos catalogue for our Christmas lists. While the storyline didn’t stand out for us, there was some impressive magic tricks which kept our attention. The two little girls featured in the ad are a reminder of the magic of finding the gift you really wanted under the tree. The soundtrack by Gary Barlow was also a nice touch.

6. Tesco: No Naughty List

Tesco has been there for us through a tough year, dealing with toilet paper hoarders, queues of shoppers and trying to keep us all safe. So it’s only right that Tesco’s Christmas advert made light of the situation, with popular 2020 references scattered throughout. While various people mulled over whether their comical stories would condemn them to ‘the naughty list’ the advert perhaps has a slightly deeper meaning, that no one should be too hard on themselves in difficult times.

5. Disney: From Our Family to Yours

We expected nothing less from Disney than the moving animation in this advert. Following the journey of a toy Mickey Mouse spanning across generations, we learned some important values about family and tradition along the way. The advert is a reminder of Disney’s long and impressive history, and the brands cemented place in the memories of many families.

4. TK Maxx: The Lil’ Goat

This short but sweet advert from TK Maxx was the most entertaining of the ten videos. It features a farmer who has bought his favourite goat a designer outfit ‘because she’s had a tough year, and she deserves it’. Seems justified to us! The ad avoids the commercial feel of some brands Christmas campaigns, opting instead for a shot of the goat strutting around the farm while the farmer’s wife looks on, bemused.

3. Very: Christmas is this Very moment

Online retailer Very appealed to the realists in all of us with this honest depiction of a family Christmas. The dodgy decorations confused Christmas play costumes and last-minute present panics we all experience every year were not only relatable but highlight that Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect to be fun. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Christmas ad without the Very app swooping in to save the day after a forgotten present – but we forgive you in the name of honesty, Very.

2. McDonald’s: Inner Child ‘Reindeer Ready’

This year’s McDonald’s festive advert caused a stir online among parents who could identify with the struggles of raising a teenager. The sentimental ad shows a mother trying, and failing, to get her son excited for Christmas as he battles with his inner child. Seeing the teenager eventually getting into the spirit of the festivities (which, unsurprisingly, involves a trip to McDonald’s) makes for a truly enjoyable watch.

1. The Gift – NHS Charities Together

Maybe it’s a sign of the times, but this advert made us at redPepper rather emotional. When Santa is admitted to hospital, he is so impressed by the care he receives that he wants to give something back to the hospital. In a welcome break from the commercialism of Christmas, this advert instead focuses on our – and Santa’s – appreciation for our NHS heroes and key workers. We challenge you to watch this advert without a lump in your throat!

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