Digital marketing trends to watch in Spring 2021

As spring begins to rear its head, we’re noticing the mornings and evenings getting lighter, and feeling our moods lifting slightly too! We thought the new season was the perfect time to share with you the digital marketing trends we expect to see more of this spring.

Virtual Events

This one is hardly a surprise because, for at least the first half of 2021, lockdown restrictions are pretty much putting a stop to all in-person gatherings. Despite ‘zoom fatigue’ setting in months ago, virtual events are still booming, with tickets being sold to theatre performances, festivals and webinars. If your business has suffered due to not being able to hold events, it’s worth exploring holding a virtual event to engage with new and existing clients.

Making Online Connections

Networking is another area of business that has suffered in recent times. To combat this, apps such as Clubhouse have grown in popularity. The invitation-only audio chat platform allows users to interact in ‘rooms’ through audio. Facebook groups and LinkedIn discussions are also popular mediums for creating business connections when traditional networking isn’t an option.

A Shift in Brand Inclusivity

Although the publics’ expectations of brand marketing are constantly evolving, events such as the Black Lives Matter marches of 2020 have led to consumers being more vocal about the representation of race, religion and ethnicity they want to see in advertising. Brands are being encouraged to evaluate how they navigate the social and political climate of 2021, to ensure their marketing is inclusive.

Interactive Content

Interactive content is on the rise, including consumer polls, competitions and giveaways. These forms of digital activity are likely to see a higher engagement rate, particularly where the consumer has some form of incentive for engaging, whether that be seeing the results of the poll or the chance of winning a prize. Interactive marketing can be a fun way to find out more about your audience, although not entirely representative, as not everyone will want to interact with brand content.

It will be interesting to look back on these trends at the end of 2021 and see which have prevailed, which have developed, and if any have simply died off. Hopefully, with the return of events and gatherings later in the year, more marketing events will be able to take place, but it remains to be seen if the days of ‘lockdown marketing’ are over.

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