Five of the best mobile ready WordPress themes 2015

In May 2015 Google confirmed that mobile searches have now overtaken desktop searches in 10 countries. This highlights the importance of having a responsive or mobile ready website. So what makes a website mobile ready? Most of us have probably experienced going online on our mobile phones and viewing a website which is not optimised for mobile. For example, having to zoom in to click on links or read text, often you end up clicking the wrong link or trying to read the text half a sentence at a time – which can be very frustrating.

In this post we are going to look at some of the best mobile ready WordPress themes for 2015, to help you when choosing a theme for your website.

Cubic – Free WordPress theme

If you are into photo blogging, Cubic is a great WordPress theme for you. The theme is free and allows you to showcase large images in a grid-based design which is easy to view and eye-catching. When looking at it on Smartphone the design slims down so that you that the images are in a vertical column, so you are able to scroll down to view the images, which are still a great size. It’s a site that’s really easy to use on mobile devices, and by using the images as links to different pages it stops accidental thumb clicking on the wrong link, especially useful for those with large thumbs! And of course, helps to prevent the common mobile usability error – touch elements too close!

Gateway – Free WordPress theme with optional upgrade

This theme has a modern appearance and boasts a mix of class and elegance, a traditional yet customizable home for your content. This theme is ideal for businesses and bloggers alike, with a large image feature with logo and call to action overlay and a traditional horizontal navigation menu.

When viewing the theme on a mobile device, the page you immediately see that fills up your mobile device is a picture which would include the logo, a heading and a call to action, on the example, this stands out as it has a photo background. This looks great on the mobile screen, almost like a newspaper front page. Just below this is a menu button which stretches across the length of the screen so is easy to click. Or you can just scroll down to view posts on the page. This also works great on the iPad resizing to fit any screen.

Boardwalk – Free responsive WordPress theme

If you want to show off your content in a creative and flexible way then Boardwalk may be the theme for you. This free theme looks great on desktop and mobile devices, with an easy to use menu situated in the right-hand corner allowing easy navigation of the site. This theme features custom menus, social icons, custom colours, and 5 pre-set theme options. On mobile devices, the homepage images are displayed vertically instead of horizontally, allowing you to scroll down through the images. This creates an unconventional yet elegant site which shows off your content in a simple but visually pleasing way.

Hive – Premium WordPress theme

If you are looking for a theme more simple and professional, take a look at ‘Hive’. At £94 this theme is perfect for publishers it has an extremely clean layout and ease of use, which allows you to scroll through articles. The smart design adapts to tablets and mobiles whilst still remaining highly professional and slick. On mobile devices, the menu is featured as a button in the top left corner for easy navigation.

Spun – Free WordPress theme

Spun is a unique, fun theme with a creative minimal design. The homepage features a range of circular images that you can click to navigate around the site. This is a great theme for mobile devices as it’s perfect for finger pressing! It allows you to be as creative as you want and puts your content and creativity at the heart of the design.

If you are unsure if your website is mobile ready you can use this free tool to check.