The Google+ house party – are you ready to join?

Have you ever been to a house party which is packed full of people and felt ever so lonely in the crowd because you couldn’t get your voice heard?  How about the house parties with a select few people, you know the ones where you can have conversation tell stories and have your voice heard. Welcome to the Google+ house party, all are welcome. The only rules don’t mess up the house.

Google+ has been available to use since June 28th 2011. But since then it hasn’t managed to gain much momentum, or a following like that seen on Facebook & Twitter, but is this a negative thing?

The biggest problem with social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are that they have become cluttered with billions of users posting a mass of content which has no purpose or substance.  This is where Google+ has found a gap in the social media market.  Like the other social media platforms, Google+ allows you to post text, images, videos, track the latest trends and also allows you to favourite and like content. This is called a +1 on Google+

There’s a killer feature on Google+ which once discovered will change the way in which we interact with long distant friends, meet with clients, make business networking a breeze and revolutionise bible studies. There is a feature called Google+ Hangouts which allows you to video call up to nine people and simultaneously view together a YouTube video, document or webpage.

Out of everything that Google+ can do this feature I believe will be utilised the most.  So what are you waiting for? Come on over to the Google+ house party.