How to: Market your business at Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (to market your business)!  Using specific dates or events in the year is key to marketing your business. Holidays like Easter, New Year’s Eve, Black Friday and Christmas are a good place to start.

In the UK, Christmas is one of the largest events of the year. From a business perspective, this means there are endless opportunities for marketing success! Here are our 5 top tips on how you can do this too…

1. Content

Inject some festivity into your marketing strategy through Christmas-themed content! This tip works well for all business types and is a great way to boost your online presence. A festive social media competition or giveaway might be a good place to start. Your competition can spread the festive joy and give back to your followers.

Let’s say the conditions of the competition are that you must like, comment and share a post. Immediately, this encourages engagement from your existing followers. It also increases exposure to your business, as the competition is shared with a wider community. A Christmas competition will keep existing followers engaged and build your online presence.

Christmas is also a great time to share more about your company culture. Consider posting photographs or videos which share your office Christmas celebrations! Are your team taking part in Christmas Jumper Day? Or, do you have a Christmas party or meal planned? Whatever Christmas events your team get up to, use this as valuable content to show off your company culture.

Just like the post you’re reading, use Christmas as a time to produce themed blog articles. You could put together a Christmas gift guide, containing your top products. Or, a list of stocking fillers, including products you sell. For more tips on blogging, check out our previous blog post!

2. Branding

Christmas is a great time to add festive flair to your branding. This could be as simple as a Christmas themed banner on your website. Or, you could alter your logo to include some festive fun. Use these changes across your social media accounts to give a twist on your brand identity!

If you wanted to go the extra mile this Christmas, you could also alter your packaging. This is a good touch if your products might be given as gifts!

3. E-Commerce

Amongst other things, Christmas is a time of gift-giving and receiving. This makes it a perfect marketing time for e-commerce businesses. Consider adding a Christmas offer, discount or incentive to your store or website. You could market this offer as “for a limited time only”, with “delivery in time for Christmas”. This will prompt urgency in your customers and encourage them to make the sale!

It’s also a great idea to promote voucher cards, gift ideas and gift sets. It’s a well-known fact that Christmas shopping can often be stressful. Offering these easy gift ideas to customers will reduce the Christmas shopping hassle. Now your customers can finally find a gift for that hard-to-buy-for Great Uncle!

4. Advertising

Advertising your business can also differ at Christmas. Again, if you have an e-commerce business this is particularly important. You should aim to promote your business as a good destination for Christmas shopping. While raising brand awareness is always important, Christmas is the perfect time to drive sales.

You should also consider adjusting your AdWords campaigns to align with Christmas searches. This means altering your keywords to include any particular festive phrases that might be relevant. You could also run new advertisements. Particularly for those Christmas offers or competitions, we mentioned earlier.

5. Email Marketing

Everyone knows the 12 days of Christmas! A common idea is to utilise this to create an email marketing campaign. This would feature an email each day, advertising your businesses’ products or services. For an extra incentive, the emails could include exclusive offers or giveaways, like an advent calendar!

Christmas is a great time to utilise a range of different marketing platforms. Whether you use one, or all 5 of these tips, perfecting your Christmas marketing strategy is key! If you’re looking for extra guidance on your marketing strategy, get in touch with our team of experts today!


Content Marketing Manager