[Infographic] 2019 Marketing Predictions

We say it every year, but where has 2018 gone?! We can’t believe we’re already so close to finishing our Christmas advent calendar! As a result, we think it’s about time to start considering our 2019 marketing predictions.

2018 has been a great year for digital change, as we anticipated in our 2018 marketing predictions! In 2019, we think that many of 2018’s leading features will continue to dominate the marketing world. This includes voice marketing, augmented and virtual realities, Chatbots, video and online TV!

We predict that 2019 will see a world where more Google searches are made via voice. A world where you can become immersed in a brand’s advertising via augmented or virtual reality. We predict artificial intelligent Chatbots that can answer your question instantly and at any time. Video will continue to dominate the content world, and we will watch more and more television online!

Check out our infographic below for a more in-depth exploration of our marketing predictions. Do you agree? Let us know your 2019 marketing predictions on Twitter or Facebook!



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