International Marketing

Sailing the seven seas, taking brands to new shores

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From import to export, our international marketing brings brands to new shores.

If you dream of taking to the ocean waves and heading for new markets, then we’re your ideal travelling companion. Outbound from the UK we’ve seasoned travellers with many international exhibitions under our belt; we’ve help our clients entered new markets and helped carve out a slice of the action for them.

If you are inbound to the UK, our team know how to tailor your marketing to appeal to the UK market. Don’t be put off by perceived high market entry costs, we’re stealth marketers who know how to get you a foothold in the UK without breaking the bank. Our international marketing skill is perfect for those wanting to carve out a nice, cosy niche in the UK market. But be prepared to hear honest feedback, if we don’t think your products or services are cut out for the British market then we’ll tell you.

Whether it’s a product or a service, a full scale marketing attack or a soft landing, we’ve got the inside info (well, the local knowledge) on how to tailor it and sew it all together. We can advise on which bits to dress up and which bits to dress down, how to adjust it to make it fit and where to darn up the holes in order to enter the UK market seamlessly and stay there comfortably.


International Marketing

The market is diverse and dynamic and so are we; we can co-ordinate exhibitions, advertising, PR and online media management. We have the practical skills, expertise and knowledge of different cultures needed to make you a UK sensation (success, at any rate). As your international marketing department, we can co-ordinate your marketing needs across the globe from the UK.

We’re cost-effective, flexible, efficient, and masterminds at coming up and managing marketing campaigns. We have a range of contacts and suppliers, tried and tested by us so you don’t have to. And our thinking is always fresh and zesty. Mmm.

Thinking of making the UK your second home?

Build an international base with us and dig in by getting in touch.