Marketing buzzwords 2017

Here are three concepts that you’ll want to embed into your marketing vocabulary for 201.7.

Story first

The same tools that Pixar use to make award-winning films are now being used by businesses to tell a great story which helps customers move from browsers to buyers. A film daydreams for you which your brain absolutely loves as it doesn’t have to burn too many calories. A story first approach to your messaging helps customers daydream about your products or services with ease, knowing exactly what you have to offer and where their journey with you will take them.


Thanks to digital everything, our interactions with the tangible world of print are becoming more memorable. Even though this is a buzz for 2017, a Norwegian study in 2013 demonstrated that those who read on a computer screen understood less than those who read on paper. Print should be clear and informative. It should anticipate what the customer needs to know and, when done well, add delight to their journey with you (think attractive layouts or embossing).

Connect the dots with data

One of the best parts of digital marketing is that you can gain access to a whirlwind of information to help your business improve. Landing and exit pages, goal completions and event tracking are all key analytics that help us connect the dots of marketing campaigns to measure ROI (return on investment). Have you swotted up on your stats and connected the dots? Knowledge is powerful; don’t ignore it in 2017.

As the world of marketing continues to change and adapt, remember that at it’s heart it should be about connecting with customers. Sure it takes skill and a dash of expertise to get there, but that’s where the magic happens.