Marketing buzzwords 2018 edition

With the year already over a month old, we’re already starting to see some trends emerge or gain popularity this year. Our recent blog on marketing trends talked about this, but we felt it was worth expanding on.

We want to discuss some buzzwords that we’ve heard so far this year and some that we expect to start hearing more and more as the year goes on.

Take a look at some of the most popular buzzwords we’ve heard below. Also, don’t forget to tweet at us (@weareredpepper) and let us know if you’ve heard any new ones recently!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It’s a buzzword that’s been around for decades, but only in the last few years has it started to manifest in real and powerful ways. We’ve seen computers conquer humans in Chess, Go, Jeopardy, and they’re hot on our heels in other areas. It’s also spawned a series of other buzzwords such as deep learning (or machine learning), big data, and many more.

AI used to be a sci-fi trope but in 2018, as with recent years, it’s continuing its growth into a tool that we will be using not just in Marketing but in every aspect of our lives.

Customer Journey

The idea of a customer’s journey to buying a product or service has been around for a long time. With the digital age, though, this idea has changed into one consisting of multiple touchpoints across a wide variety of different channels and devices. Consumers, in general, are taking longer to make decisions on purchases and shop around for a good deal before committing to buy.

Companies are becoming more adept at capturing these sales, but it’s an area that needs to have continued focus this year. In the digital age, things change quickly. As marketers, we need to stay on top of this change and make sure that our companies and clients understand how the modern customer is making their purchasing decisions.


A micro-moment is an instant when a person needs help with something. Someone might be discussing a summer holiday with a friend and want to know how hot it gets in California, or they might get lost and need to find directions.

These are both micro-moments because they take place over a very small period of time. As a business, if you can be there for that person in this micro-moment and offer them something relevant and interesting, then you’ll be far more likely to get their attention.

This effect is even more pronounced if you can consistently resonate with people experiencing a micro-moment.

Smart Content

This is a relatively new term that’s risen up recently in marketing. Simply, smart content means personalisation to as great a degree as possible.

For smaller companies, this could mean personalising an email campaign to their list of newsletter subscribers based on their name, location, and other simple information.

For larger companies, large campaigns with multiple avenues for different parts of the buying cycle might be used. They could even use Chatbots that are able to converse with customers on a personal level.

Smart content can be as small or as large as you want. The most important thing is that companies use it in some capacity within their marketing.


You might be wondering why we’ve included this oldie on the list. It’s on this list because it’s something that always has to be at the forefront of any marketer’s mind, no matter what’s going on in the industry around them.

SEO evolves, at times, at a frightening pace. If businesses and marketers don’t keep up, it can be easy to fall behind.

This point is a reminder to ourselves and all of our marketing contemporaries that SEO is going to be a big marketing buzzword for many years to come!


Content Marketing Manager