Marketing buzzwords for 2015

The marketing industry loves its buzzwords, every year without fail we get a glimpse into what industry leaders believe will be at the forefront of the marketing agenda for the year ahead. 2015 is no different, with big terms floating around like ‘wearable tech’ and ‘mobile usability’ we thought we’d dispel the jargon around some of the 2015 buzzwords into a bite-size morsels of information so that when you’re asked at your next meeting ‘should we be thinking about a content strategy’ you’ll know exactly what they’re talking about!

Mobile usability

Anyone with access to Google Webmaster Tools will see this word and either wince with pain as their domains come under Google’s strict magnifying glass or smile with smug delight as they get the all clear from Google’s bots. That’s right, Google are cracking down on websites that don’t cater for users visiting on mobile devices. This should be one of you top priorities to fix in the first quarter of this year as there are likely to be harsh penalties for websites that don’t accommodate a generation of users that are migrating to mobile devices. Learn more about this in our latest blog ‘Google Mobile-Friendly Label’

Content marketing

The ability to create and share relevant content is important for any business to influence its customers and this is exactly what content marketing is. It is giving your customers information that they want without overtly selling them anything, and because it is not intrusive people are more likely to want to become loyal customers. So come up with a content strategy that works for your brand and commit to it, you don’t want to get half way through the year and give up; that only communicates an organisation that is inconsistent.

Video marketing

Video marketing is gaining traction; instead of posting a status or a blog, people are choosing to vine and ‘vlog’ as a way of getting their message out there, the world of video marketing may be a scary place to the unexperienced individual but its working and brands are taking notice. Google is giving more and more weight to video content and like content marketing, this doesn’t need to be sales orientated – helpful ‘how to’ videos for products or creative ways of showing the organisation are all great ways of breaking the ice when it comes to video marketing.

Wearable technology

An exceptionally modern and even a little sci-fi term that is up and coming.  The term describes itself, electronic devices that are incorporated into items of clothing/ accessories. Recent examples include Google Glass, where taking photos, searching the web, making calls and playing music can be operated through a pair of trendy glasses. This is a ‘watch this space’ moment. Wearable technology is new, exciting and developing fast.

The ‘jack’ suffix

We have all heard of the term ‘hack’ before, but jack is new and improved for 2015. Examples like news-jacking, whereby businesses take stories from the news and use them for marketing and advertising purposes are creeping up into the lingo. There is also brand-jacking which is an activity whereby someone acquires or otherwise assumes the online identity of another.

Conversation marketing

According to language consultancy ‘The Writer’, conversation marketing is an important aspect of content marketing, if not the crown jewel. Working on the basis of H2H (human to human) not B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to customer) .They say that it is crucial to see the customer now as a person NOT a target, and that by engaging with them conversationally and ditching business jargon, you will build with them better relationship.

Throughout the whole of 2015 we’re sure many more buzzwords will be popup all over, let us know if you’ve got any more we should be including on this list or if you’d like to chat about anything we’ve covered here.