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Marketing management… campaigns, projects or the whole lot!

We can manage your marketing. There’s not much else to say about it really. You could stop reading now. On the other hand, here are some handy things to know.

We do bits and bobs management from social media to PPC accounts, or one-off project management, or full-fat, full-bodied marketing campaign management. We can manage just about anything really. And we’re really good at it too.

Let’s show you an example – APT Basilicata, a beautiful rough-and-tumble region of Southern Italy. Here our work is to represent the region in the UK, we’ve organised press and bloggers’ trips, written a guidebook, developed an English website and created daily buzz through that oh-so-important social media, to put Basilicata firmly on the map for UK tourists.

When it comes to marketing management, we’ve got what you need. We’ve got the guts, the smarts and the know-how to pull everything together in the way you need and keep it ticking over nicely. We’ll get it done on time and on budget. If some managing of your marketing is just the ticket (even if it’s just something in the back of your mind), we’d love to have a chat.

Have a look at some of the people we’ve managed marketing for: