Nostalgia in Marketing: A Trip Down Memory Lane [BBC Essex Radio Interview]

What are your favourite ads from the good ol’ days? How about the Fairy washing up liquid ads or The Smash advert! In early September, we were contacted by BBC Essex and asked to discuss all things nostalgia marketing as ASDA announced the return of their “That’s ASDA price” campaign!

The interview was great fun, and a fantastic opportunity to depart some of our marketing wisdom onto listeners across the county. We were very excited to be invited back a second time more recently to discuss our thoughts on the Government’s latest COVID-focused slogan!

What is nostalgia marketing?

Nostalgia marketing is a technique often used by advertisers to tap into a specific emotion within their audience. Frequently used within television advertising, ads which use nostalgia marketing will aim to capture their audience’s attention by referencing familiar trends from the past.

Some of the most notable examples of this are often seen at Christmas time. Think the Hovis Christmas ad from 2013 or the Sainsburys 1914 ad!

But why does it work? Simply put, it makes us feel good! As human beings, we often associate the past with positive memories, particularly those which remind us of being a child! For this reason, using nostalgia within your marketing gifts you a particular emotional hold over your audience.

Here’s the full interview:

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