You may have noticed a flood of people wandering the streets, some alone, others wander in groups. Their eyes are often fixated on the mobile phone they have held out in front of them. As they explore the area, hunting what they are looking for, it may leave your average dog walker a little confused.

If you haven’t heard about Pokémon GO by now… wow seriously where have you been!? It’s the craze of 2016 that has not only taken over teenagers who are usually found in their room connected to the virtual world through game consoles and computers, but the entire nation (if not most of the world). Reminiscent of the days you would trade shiny Pokémon cards in the playground or play Pokémon Gold on your Gameboy, AR technology now allows you to catch these little monsters wherever you go (even in your own home).

What’s this got to do with marketing? Well there are various ways businesses have been using Pokémon GO to boost their marketing, let’s explore some of them below:

Pikachu lives here: For those businesses lucky enough to have rare Pokémon found in their building or location, why not draw people in by advertising it! You may notice some pubs and bars doing this in particular by placing billboards outside, letting people know what Pokémon can be found inside.

Pokémon hangouts: Some businesses have been creating events to draw in Pokémon fans, these group get-togethers involve going out and catching Pokémon together, going to the nearest Pokémon gym to battle or even just talking tactics and comparing Pokémon collections.

Team offers: Mystic, Instinct, or Valor? Just like in the original game you can choose a team to join (also known as the red, blue and yellow teams). Businesses creating offers for certain teams on different days are drawing in customers who are brought together for their solidarity for team spirit – spoken like a true team Mystic.

Become a PokéStop: Another way to lure in those Pokémon trainers it to apply to become a PokéStop, although these locations are predetermined by the app developer you can apply to be considered as a PokéStop here. PokéStop’s give freebies to players such as Poké balls, potions and eggs, and if you are or are near one you can also buy ‘Lure Modules’ in the game which attract Pokémon to a particular PokéStop for 30 minutes (ideal for any Pokémon events!).

So don’t be a Snorlax, think about how Pokémon GO could market your business!