Project Details

Sunvit-D3 provide vitamin D3 supplements. There’s a difference between vitamin D3 and vitamin D2 and it is thought that vitamin D3 is better for you. Sunvit-D3 and their D3 supplements make it easier to maintain healthy levels of the sunshine vitamin. And there are innumerable reasons why you should… Thought to be beneficial with regards to everything from cancer to depression to the internal body clock, it’s worth keeping on top of because you can always bet there’s something else it does that you haven’t heard of. Here at redPepper, we sometimes like to trot out vitamin D facts as a party trick.

Marketing Support

  • Helped to launch SunVit-D3 in the UK, the first purely D3 supplement to be launched here
  • Assisted with creating the brand name and registering the trademark
  • Developed the brand image
  • Presented the product to consumers and professionals
  • Created marketing campaign
  • Research and write regular blogs for their website
  • Manage social media
  • Compose and send out email direct marketing campaigns
  • Exhibition support

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