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A little bit of relationship advice i.e. public relations services…

The way you relate to the public and what you have to talk about is what marketing is all about. We’re rather down-to-earth about it really. If we don’t think you have anything worth pushing under the noses of journalists then we’ll tell you and find another way of pushing your marketing on. But when you do have some newsworthy things to shout abuout we will be on hand to snatch it up, sculpt it into the right format and get it out to the media. We know how to present you and your news and deal with journalists so that they are interested in hearing from us, not just annoyed.

Here’s a lowdown on some of the important PR things (cough, cough, public relations services) you need to know that we offer:

Public Relations Services Essex

Editorial PR
It’s free but you have to earn it; editorial is when your story is promoted or shown by someone because it is worth it.

Consumer Relations
It’s incredibly important; consumer relations is the way you get on with customers and potential customers. Are you best friends, polite but distant, or in a hate-hate relationship?

Crisis PR management
When you’ve tripped up and the press are all over you like a rash, that’s when you need to stay calm, respond positively and stay on message. Alternatively, call us and we’ll be the calm PR front while you sweat to get it fixed back at the factory.

Social Media
Keeping up that conversation just got easier; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the rest of that endless list of social channels, should all be working in line with your PR. Whether it’s light and fluffy, nitty-gritty or life and death, they’ll help you get your message out there with impact!

Let’s face it; your consumers deserve the utmost commitment. If you want to find out how to invest in the relationship, call us.