Rich Snippets

What are they and when should you be using them?

Rich Snippets allow websites to advertise their content in a more descriptive and useful way on the Google search results page. It is basically that little snippet of information which sometimes appears to add a little bit extra to the main description.

The Rich Snippet provides the user with an informative glimpse about the thing they have searched for, allowing them to gain as much information as possible before clicking onto the website. This aims to improve click-through-rates and lessen page bounces as it will help users find the websites with the most relevant content and avoid the websites with less relevant content.

The example below is taken from Google and shows a search result for the movie Titanic. The Rich Snippet here shows review stars, a rating and vote count, all of which may be very useful for anyone thinking of watching the movie.


As in the example above, reviews are a great use for Rich Snippets; they increase the user’s confidence and give them a more accurate view of the content on the website. Other examples of things that review Rich Snippets could be used about include restaurants, stores and hotels, amongst others.

Alongside reviews, Google supports Rich Snippets for these different data types:

  • Products: Rich Snippets can be used to give the user more information about the product before they click onto the website, increasing the likelihood of them buying the product after clicking. Rich Snippets here could include price, product review ratings and availability.
  • Recipes: The Rich Snippet could include a picture, so that the user knows what the recipe will look like before accessing the website, as well as cooking time, reviews of the recipe, ingredients and nutritional information.
  • Events: To draw more people to an event, the event location could be included in the Rich Snippet. This would mean that people who will click on the link are more likely to be close to that area and therefore more likely to attend. A Rich Snippet showing the date and price of the event may also be beneficial.
  • Software Application: A good example of Rich Snippet use for this sort of data would be for mobile apps. If it was a game download, the Rich Snippet might show a picture of the game, the price, review ratings, compatible operating systems and any offers that are on.

Your data type must fit into one of the categories above to be eligible for Rich Snippets and the appropriate structured data must be added to the content of your website. Google has a Structured Data Testing Tool which is perfect for testing this, once it’s been done, to make sure your Rich Snippets will work.

These little guys can be used to give information about people, businesses, music, products and much more. They can make your search result better-looking, more informative, and more relevant. If you have something that is eligible for a Rich Snippet then we’d recommend going for it.