SEO keyword research guide

Where to start?

Which keywords shall I consider?
Try to imagine yourself as a customer – what keywords or phrases would you type into Google if you were looking for a marketing agency?

General keywords

  • Marketing agency
  • Marketing company
  • Marketing firm

Service / Product based keywords

  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing consultant
  • Digital marketing

Location based keywords

  • Marketing agency UK
  • Marketing agency Essex
  • Marketing agency Colchester

Try to think of as many keywords and combinations as possible – don’t forget plurals etc.

Keyword Research

Just because you think most people will type in “marketing company” instead of “marketing agency” – it doesn’t mean this is correct. Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to check how many people are searching for each keyword on a monthly basis.

How do I choose the right keyword?

First and foremost, you need to be realistic. Take us, for example – there are millions of marketing agencies in the UK, so to try and rank #1 for the keyword “marketing agency” would require a huge budget and a huge amount of work. It is unrealistic for us to target this keyword as multi-million pound agencies will be targeting it as well! So… what’s next?

Narrow it down…

Ok, so we can’t go for “marketing agency” as this keyword is too competitive. But – we can narrow it down to our location – “marketing agency essex”. If you can’t narrow it down by location – try narrowing it down by a more detailed description of your product or service – eg. instead of “marketing agency”, try “social media marketing agency”.

Keep it relevant…

Most importantly, make sure that each keyword you choose is relevant to your content.H