SEO ranking factors

Every website wants to rank at the top of the search results, but in order to do so it is necessary to ensure that your website fulfils the following SEO criteria, which are divided into two categories:

On-site SEO factors:

  • Relevant and useful original content
  • Regular new content – blogs are a great way to add new, relevant content on a regular basis
  • Optimised and relevant on-page factors (meta data/ titles/ heading tags/ image alt text/ sitemaps etc.)
  • Website structure and usability – is your website easy for the user? Can they easily navigate the site?
  • Internal linking (links within the website, not from external websites)
  • Domain profile (KW in the domain name, age and history of domain, tdl suffix – or .com)
  • Hosting location

Off-site SEO factors:

  • Number of quality inbound links (links from highly ranked or authoritative websites such as .gov or .edu sites)
  • Number of relevant inbound links (are the links from topical websites that are relevant?)
  • Range of inbound link sources (websites, blogs, directories, social media)
  • Number of deep links (to internal pages rather than just the homepage)
  • Anchor text used for inbound links (text that the link sits on – eg. click here)
  • Link profile (must strive to be organic and diverse)