Should your business be blogging?

Writing a blog is a great marketing tactic that your business could be ignoring! Your blog could include news updates, how-to-guides, answers to common questions and more. It’s an easy and useful way to generate traffic to your website and build a trusting relationship with potential customers. This guide will run through what blogging could do for your business, including when you should or shouldn’t blog.

Attract potential customers

Blog posts can be a great way to attract organic traffic to your website. Let’s say the title of your blog post answers a common question that your potential customers have. When searching for this issue, they might see and click on your blog post for the answer! These organic clicks to your website increase the chance of converting these readers into customers.

Remember that blogging and social media go hand-in-hand too. Your blog posts act as pockets of shareable content for you to post on all of your social networks. If your content is interesting and useful, you’ll entice your followers to visit your website. This is another great way to attract potential customers organically!

Convert readers

Once you’ve attracted people to your blog, it’s time to start converting readers into customers. This means including a call to action (CTA) in your content. A CTA is a prompt to encourage a response from a user. CTAs are great marketing tools that can be easily used in your blog posts, mostly as a closing statement. A CTA can be anything from “Follow us on social media”, to “book a meeting” or “buy now”!

Blogging establishes your business as a voice of leadership and authority. The most successful business blogs will offer an answer to their audience’s common queries. They will also develop a more humanistic and approachable voice, which is often a different tone to the rest of their website.

As your blog posts develop this tone of expertise, they can be a good point of reference when discussing with a client. If a client wants to learn more about a particular service you offer, you’ll have a great resource to share.

Blogs have a longer lifespan

Did you know that the average tweet only lives for 24 minutes? While the lifespan of social media might not be very long, blog posts tend to have a longer lifespan! If relevant to a user’s search, your blog post could reappear in search engine results months or years after its original publication.

Blog posts can also be re-purposed. This is perfect for busy periods or if your creativity is lacking. Let’s say your bakery writes a blog post on the best cakes to gift for Mother’s Day. The following year, this same post can be used or at least recycled into a refreshed version for customers to read!

When a blog might not be right

Although blogging can be great for your business, it’s not for everyone! Firstly, it requires time. Here at redPepper, we understand that blogging can often be a lengthy process. Without a marketing agency like us, you may feel this time could be better used elsewhere.

It’s also important to consider whether your impending content is genuinely required. There needs to be a need for content surrounding your sector, product or service. For example, if you sell a niche product or service, maybe blogging isn’t right for you. Your blog needs to have a well-defined audience.

There are many reasons why blogging can be great for your business. If you’re considering beginning a blog and need a little help, get in touch with us. Our team of in-house copywriters can develop your organisation’s tone of voice and create interesting and engaging blog posts. Book a meeting today!


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