The story of our 2014 Christmas card

redPepper MarketingNewsThe story of our 2014 Christmas card



The story of our 2014 Christmas card

A few weeks ago, redPepper Marketing asked me to create an image for the 2014 Christmas card we would be sending out to clients, suppliers and friends. With a background in fine art and not design or illustration, first and foremost this produced a rather worried intern. My initial, flustered idea was fingerprint robins. A finger dipped in brown watercolour paint and then pushed onto a page to make a fingerprint, while the addition of two eyes, two legs, a beak and one red felt-tip tummy quickly created a haphazard, feathery little splodge of a bird. Repeated, this created a row set out on a snowy white page.

Concerned that this was too simple, and not at all convinced by the enchanted exclamations of my mother as soon as she saw the fingerprint robins, I went on to explore a range of other ideas – from simple, but striking text based cards to ideas for more professional looking paintings, from red writing to red robins to red peppers.

After talking it through with the team here at redPepper Marketing, it turned out that the fingerprint robin’s ability to charm was not limited to my relations. The line of endearing little chaps, each one with a character as unique as fingerprints themselves, some with an appealing tilt to them, easily captivated anyone who clapped eyes on them; the only change made was the addition of a blue wash for them to sit comfortably on.

The redPepper Marketing robins in a row have indeed made an appearance on our Christmas cards this year, accompanied by a festive Merry Christmas hand adorned with touches of gold glitter. The hand application and putting together of the cards, the brown card used and, dare I say it, the six cute little robins perched merrily at the top, all come together to create a personal and unique Christmas card.

So this year, in the midst of our annual rush, I’d like to send out a reminder that sometimes simple is best after all, and wish you all a very Merry Christmas from redPepper.

By Bronwen Steele