The Marketing Piñata

You’re at the office, called into the conference room and the person hosting the meeting brings in a Piñata, some blindfolds and handful of sticks. Everyone takes a stick, dons their blindfold and starts hitting frantically hoping to hit the stuffed animal, some enthusiastic members hit other team members by accident, others land the odd hit to the piñata causing a few treats to fall out until eventually someone strikes the right spot, at just the right time, at just the right angle.

What I’ve described here probably hasn’t ever happened, (if it has please get in contact and tell me where, how, why and when!) but it’s often the scene when companies begin the task of thinking about their marketing strategy for next year.

We have our marketing piñata, bursting with buzzwords and trends, fresh thinking and ideas. Each team member has their view on which way the company should be going and like my little tale, some enthusiastic members may hit another team members or departments by accident with their view causing injury and feelings of overlook that can be toxic to an organisation. I think you get the point of my story now?

This year though, as I sit and think through different strategies for some of our clients I think my message would be to companies in this position; this year’s marketing strategy doesn’t need to be a stab in the dark, take the blind fold off and talk with marketing strategists who can get to grips with your company values and goals and take you to where you want to be. Then instead of using my hypothetical piñata for strategy meetings you can use it to celebrate the success of your marketing strategy or a birthday or something.