Top 5 WordPress plugins

Yoast SEO & SEO Extended- Free

This plugin is a great time saver and a must have for anyone optimising a website. The Yoast SEO plugin is a well designed tool that allows you to easily manage your SEO titles and Meta Descriptions of your website. Without SEO extended you have to trawl through every page individually to manage your titles and descriptions, but the bulk title and bulk description editor pages make this task incredibly easy.

Layer Slider WP – Free

Layer Slider is useful for adding colour and movement to an otherwise static site. We love this advanced slider plugin, it can be easily customised to suit your needs as there are a plethora of options available for both transition and animation available. For slide transition you can edit the timing and direction. In addition to basic images, there are a variety of animation options, from videos to layers and sub layers, the opportunities are endless.

WP Bakery Visual Composer – $30

This plugin is almost mandatory for anyone without coding knowledge looking to create complex and attractive page layouts. This visual composer allows anyone to create complex (or simple) layouts quickly and easily without having to touch a line of code. The drag and drop interface works seamlessly and the tables allow you to position text and images evenly across the page which can otherwise be an almost impossible task.

Youtube Sidebar Widget – Free

‘Does what is says on the tin.’ This allows you to quickly and easily add a Youtube widget to a web page. You can specify a Youtube video ID, username or playlist ID to pull videos from, number of videos to pull or a filter to pull only the videos you mean to.

Visual Form Builder – Free

Enables you to create custom forms in a visual editor, allowing you to avoid coding. The ‘Visual Form Builder’ can be used to create any kind of form for your website. It only takes a few minutes to add a fully functional form and is easy to use, without requiring any coding. It also allows you to add jQuery validation, which is important to prevent spam from reaching your inbox.