What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and in simplistic terms it is the process of trying to increase your ranking (position) on Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) for a keyword that is relevant to your website. As Google accounts for 97% of UK searches, we will primarily refer to Google in this article.

what is SEO?

Search Engines have complex algorithms which take a variety of factors into account and then calculate which websites are deemed to be most relevant and useful for a specific search term (eg. Marketing Agency Essex) – it then prioritises the results (or ranks them) according to how well each website meets the criteria.

In an ideal world, every website wants to rank within the top 10 results for a target keyword – as this is the first page of results when a user types in a keyword on Google search. For example, our keyword for redPepper Marketing is “marketing agency essex” – so we want our website to appear within the top 10 results when a user types this keyword into a Google search.

You will see from the illustration that we have achieved a ranking position of #1 for our target keyword: Marketing Agency Essex

We have retained a top 10 position on Google for our keyword for more than 2 years, resulting in a regular flow of inbound sales calls to our marketing team. Achieving a high position on Google for your business is a crucial marketing tool, the team at redPepper have a strong track record in achieving success, it’s not a black art, it comes through having relevant knowledge and working hard to achieve tangible results.