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Branding or re-branding? A brand new look or just a little trim?

Branding is more than a logo and a typeface, it is the outworking of your story; the personality of your company; the voice, style, colour and essence of who you are. You wouldn’t go out to the market half naked, so don’t take your products out undressed either. Branding is actually what marks out the things that make you different; first impressions count.

We’ve been behind the branding and re-branding for companies of all different shapes and sizes and we know what it means. It means being fussily cohesive and painstakingly clear on all the little things that make up a brand. It also means being creative and inventive as we take newly born organisations or existing branding which is looking a bit corner-worn, get to know what makes them tick and what they need, and bring it to life alongside our talented design and studio buddies.

Branding Essex

Developing a new brand

Have you just started out with something new and need it to have a distinct flavour not a mouth-wearying nothingness?


Have you been around for a little while and know your brand identity is getting a bit tired (or actually needed tweaking in the first place) and it’s time to re-look, rejuvenate and relaunch?

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