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Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]

Put your website on the map.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a powerhouse in the world of digital marketing. With over 45% of the world now connected to and using the internet, SEO is no longer an option for businesses, it’s a necessity.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be a really confusing area for many businesses, so let’s simplify it. SEO is the practice of getting more traffic from organic/free search results on popular search engines. The most popular search engine, Google, is the primary target of SEO. Achieving higher rankings on Google’s search results leads to more people reaching your website.

We use a variety of industry-recognised practises to improve your SEO score gradually. Adapting your website, creating curated content, building links, and much more, will enable you to climb up the search result rankings!

Step 1

To start, we complete some thorough research before we consider your SEO strategy as a whole. This involves researching your client, industry and current marketplace, as well as beginning keyword and search engine placement research.

Step 2

This leads on to formulating your SEO strategy. If you already have a strategy in place, we audit its performance and work with you to decide on any changes. With no strategy present, we will work together to create an SEO strategy that fits with your content, video, and general marketing strategies. Finally, we set some key performance indicators (KPIs) and decide on any milestones and goals.

Step 3

Once your SEO strategy is in use, we produce regular, easy-to-understand, and thorough reports. These reports enable you to see how your SEO strategy is progressing in key areas. Digestible summaries are included that talk you through the report and explain how we’re progressing on any short and long-term goals.

Month-to-month, we focus on the areas that benefit you. This could be mobile search optimisation or an emphasis on local search. Whatever it is, it’s tailored around your SEO strategy and long-term goals for your business.

Our content creation team also feed into our full-service SEO offering. We create content that fits with your SEO strategy, as well as placing it in places on your website that will get the best results. Our video marketing team are also involved due to the increasing emphasis on video SEO in recent months.

Preliminary Research

Thorough research on keywords, competitors, search engine placement and general marketplace analysis, prior to the implementation of your SEO strategy.

Extensive Linkbuilding

An audit and improvement of the current links to your website. This includes the removal of bad links and building of good links to help you rise to the top!

Local Search Targeting

We’ll help you be found by the customers that you need within your local area. Don’t miss out on anyone searching for your product or service.

Rigorous SEO Audits

If you’ve already got an SEO strategy in place but you’re concerned about its performance, an audit might be what you’re looking for. Analysis of your on-page and off-page SEO factors, highlighting areas for improvement.

SEO Strategy

Creation of a complete SEO strategy that complements your existing content and general marketing goals. We create this strategy alongside you, ensuring you’re aware of key performance indicators and milestones.

Reporting & Analysis

Easy-to-understand and thorough reports enable you to see how your SEO strategy is progressing. We also include summaries that talk you through the report and explain progression on short and long-term goals.

Mobile SEO

As of February 2017, mobile devices made up 49.7% of all web page views.  We focus on mobile search optimisation for your website so that you can be seen across all platforms and devices.

Content Creation

Your content strategy should complement and work with your SEO strategy. Our in-house copywriters will ensure that any content on your website is working towards your SEO goals.

Video SEO

It’s been proven that video can boost SEO performance. Our video creation specialists can create and place relevant and engaging videos on your website to ensure you’re staying ahead of the curve.

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