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Content marketing… feel content with your content!

Content marketing means saying and creating some really cool, interesting stuff and then giving your target audience a chance to appreciate it by sharing it. Ever heard the saying ‘sharing is caring’? Well, that helps to give an idea about what content marketing is about; it’s not shoving your products and services down someone’s throat and it’s not spamming them either. It’s caring enough to create meaningful, genuinely engaging content which gives people out there something to really sink their teeth into or have a chuckle over and enjoy in whatever way they like to do that. It’s important to spread content in the places where the people you want to reach are looking. And guess what? The more people start to connect with and delight in your brand and business, the more they’ll start actually giving you their business. Everybody wins.

Content Marketing
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What’s content repurposing?

Some people think of this as reusing and recycling, giving something old a fresh lick of paint and sending it on its way but that doesn’t really cover it for us. We prefer to think of it as upcycling. Content repurposing means grabbing hold of content you have already used and completely shaking it up, giving it a new look, new sound, new purpose. Yes, folks, it is actually repurposed (bet you never saw that one coming). So, a blog can turn into a podcast and an infographic into an article. It’s like a little bit of fairy-tale magic.

Need a little help feeling content with your content? We can research, create it, write it, send it on its way in all the right places and repurpose it again and again. Why not drop us a line?