Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we endeavour to protect any and all data you enter into our website at any time. This data is entirely confidential and will not be used for Marketing purposes in any way without your express permission.

Information We Collect

Our site collects information in several ways. Firstly, we collect information about the ways in which individuals use our website such as pages visited, session length, and others through the use of Google Analytics.

We also collect information that is voluntarily provided by you, such as through our Contact Us page. We also receive voluntary information through direct communications from individuals such as emails, phone calls, etc.

All of this information is entirely confidential and will not be used for Marketing purposes or shared with third parties without your express permission.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small files that are created by your browser and downloaded to your computer. They are used to improve your experience with a website and are generally recommended to be left on throughout your browsing experience.

We use cookies in several ways. When submitting information through our contact form, cookies are used to allow your browser to remember the information you submitted. This saves you time by not having to enter all of your information in again.

We also use the Google Analytics cookie, which gathers information about how you use our site and lets us improve your experience in the future. We also use some third party cookies in this area as well, to give us a full view of how our website is used and how we can improve it for our users. Third party cookies may also be used when we are making changes to our website, to ensure you receive a seamless experience.

You can prevent the use of cookies by adjusting the settings on your browser. Be aware that disabling cookies will usually result in reduced functionality and features on this website. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not disable cookies.

Use of your Information

We use the information we gather from our website to improve the functionality and usability of our website. This information is also used to improve the content we produce as well as identify areas that may be of further interest to our users.

We also use information voluntarily provided by you to give details about the services we provide and guide you to an ideal resolution. This information could also be used to provide you information about changes to our services/business.

Storing of your Personal Data

Much of our tracking information is securely stored via Google Analytics, with a regularly changed and rigorous password. Access to this data is restricted to those within redPepper who need it strictly for work purposes.

All contact form information is securely stored on an SSL-encrypted application and access to this data is strictly limited to those within redPepper who it pertains to.

Our website is SSL protected but this doesn’t mean we are entirely impervious to criminal activity. When sending information from your browser to us, it can sometimes be intercepted despite our additional security.

Disclosing your Information

The security and privacy of your personal information is paramount to us. However, we will disclose your information when legally required to by law.

Third Party Links

We occasionally provide links to third party websites, whether it be through a blog, a customer endorsement or somewhere similar on our website. This does not mean that we endorse this party’s website security. It is good practice to review their privacy policy as well before sending them your personal information.

Access to Information

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, you have the right to view, access, and change any data that we store about you. To request access to your data, you should send an email addressed to redPepper’s data controller at Our data controller can supply you with a data access request form, although you are not required to use this form to access your information.

Please note that we will charge up to £10 per data access request, and our data controller will aim to provide the relevant data within 14 days. Also, note that our data controller will require formal identification of anyone making a data access request before supplying any information.