Media Planning & Strategy

We don’t just buy media space, our team is your business growth partner. As a full-service agency we offer creative and strategic advertising. Using 360 degree paid media solutions, we’ll create a clear plan that focuses on reaching your target audience across relevant platforms and channels, combining both traditional and new media.

Media planning & strategy

What is an ideal channel strategy?

A strong channel strategy needs a clear understanding of the objectives of the campaign. We will interrogate the brief to ensure we are all aligned.  Budget permitting, an ideal channel strategy includes a mix of channels delivering various roles.  Some channels will provide unique benefits whilst others will build cumulative benefits.   A channel strategy can be built on different laydowns, in consecutive “always on” bursts, in simultaneous on/off exposure, or a mix of always-on channels boosted with channels in bursts. 

When you need the ideal media strategy, book a meeting with our Media Strategist and Planner, to ensure your brand gets the results it deserves.

Next steps

On agreement of the channel strategy, we move into implementation which involves media planning and buying.  Media planning is essentially the process of determining where, when, and to whom to deliver your advertising message. Media planning involves four primary elements: Time, Reach, Frequency and Impact.  It is always a compromise between these elements, no matter the budget.

Wherever available, we utilise research tools to identify your target audience/s in order to create the most fitting media strategy and plan for your business, to best achieve your company’s business objectives and optimise return on investment.

What media channels should I consider?

In the ever increasingly complex world of marketing, media options are constantly evolving. Our team evaluate, plan and measure all channels to ensure your strategy is strong and delivering results.


The king of media, this is more than just broadcast TV. Options now available include broadcast, Addressable TV, Live and On-Demand.


Local, regional and national broadcast radio is a well tested media. Now with Digital Audio also available, brands are revisiting this media, reaching more defined target audiences at flexible budgets.


From bus backs to digital billboards, this media has a multitude of sizes, formats and locations enabling strategies with specific locations and creative options in mind.


Cinema advertising offers high impact with low reach and frequency. Subject to creative budgets, it is a highly effective choice for brands wanting to stand out from the crowd.


Newspapers and magazines cover a wide variety of genres and frequencies, often available in both hard format and online options.

ABOVE or BELOW the line

This old description is blurred as channels such as Digital Radio and Digital Outdoor can be bought programmatically which is the use of automated technology for media buying (the process of buying advertising space), as opposed to traditional (often manual) methods. More science, less art.

Spotlight on Addressable TV

Addressable TV advertising is the ability to show different ads to different households while they are watching the same programme. With the help of addressable advertising, advertisers can move beyond large-scale traditional TV ad buys, to focus on relevance and impact.  Addressable TV removes the barrier to entry, enabling advertising to be targeted on numerous demographic, geographic and psychographic filters.  The optimal mix of filters is carefully planned to ensure sufficient target audiences.

Addressable TV (also known as Advanced TV) brings together the best of the internet – dynamic, one-to-one ad delivery and access to huge volumes of first-party data – with the best of TV – a high-quality, scalable and brand-safe environment; big screen; fully viewable; fully viewed; sound on; shared viewing.  This advanced TV opportunity works for businesses of all sizes and has made TV more attractive to more brands, many of whom would never have considered TV before – for example, smaller businesses with highly specific geographical footprints.

What’s your next move?

Are you ready to develop a forward-thinking and results-driven media plan? Are you looking for the next way to propel your marketing? Get in touch with our marketing experts to find out more about our strategic media planning service and how we can help you build a better brand.

Our experienced in-house production team can also handle all your advertising requirements from concept, design and script writing, to filming, editing, audio branding and advertising clearance. To meet the team that can energise your marketing, book a meeting today.