Intern Spotlight: Laura

I wrote last month for redPepper’s blog about how much we love internships (you can check out that blog here). They’re a really important part of our business and we love helping young Marketing professionals take their first steps in

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2017 Emojis Release Finalised

The Emoji 5.0 list has been finalised and will be released this year! The new release contains 69 emojis, which each vendor will have to individually approve for release on their respective platforms. This number goes up to 239 emojis

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British vs American English

What are the differences, and why do they exist? As a copywriter, there are few things that frustrate me more than the eternal struggle between using British and American English. Let me give you an example. Imagine that you’re writing

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Marketing Tips for 2017

The world of marketing is changing at such a fast pace, that it’s almost impossible to keep up. There are very few industries that have trends evolving at the pace we do. It’s always important to know what’s happening at

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Marketing Buzzwords 2017

Here are three concepts that you’ll want to embed into your marketing vocabulary for 2017… STORY FIRST:  The same tools that Pixar use to make award-winning films are now being used by businesses to tell a great story which helps customers

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You may have noticed a flood of people wandering the streets, some alone, others wander in groups. Their eyes are often fixated on the mobile phone they have held out in front of them. As they explore the area, hunting

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Slow down your marketing

The well-known ‘Tortoise and the Hare’ story is as relevant today as when it was first written, why? Well, the rise of the Slow Movement which began in the 1980’s when political activist and writer Carlo Petrini protested against the “fast

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2016 Google changes to date

Google is constantly making changes to its protocols to improve user experience. Here is a roundup of changes so far this year alone: Google PageRank Has Been Removed March 7th 2016 – Google officially removed the Toolbar PageRank score from

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