Unwrapping the Magic : redPepper’s Top Five Christmas Ads 2023

by | Nov 9, 2023 | Video Marketing

At redPepper Marketing, we’ve donned our marketing Santa hats and dived headfirst into the world of Christmas adverts.

It’s been two weeks of jingle and controversy, as we unwrap the best, the worst, and everything in between. From political backlash to food-related innuendos, we’ve seen the lot. Join us as we reveal our top five adverts of 2023.


 5. M&S Food – Left and Right Mitten


After a week of controversy surrounding their clothing and home advert, M&S’ food advert offered a safe and lightheaded approach. The ad showcased their annual Christmas theme with continuity, featuring the return of Dawn French as the Christmas fairy, accompanied by celebrity stars Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds providing a charming voiceover.

It effectively combined a compelling narrative with excellent food presentation, spotlighting their innovative product releases. Bring on episode 2!


 4. Coca Cola – The World Needs More Santas


Coca Cola beautifully encapsulates the essence of the Christmas season.  In a world overshadowed by negativity, the ad reminds us that the world could use more acts of kindness. Grounded in their core values of diversity, respect and integrity, this ad exemplifies the importance of sharing, and offers a timeless reminder of the power of spreading positivity at Christmas.


3. Shelter – Good as Gold


An unexpected entry to our top 5 is Shelter’s impactful ad securing a strong third place. This heartfelt tale follows Maddie, a determined young girl in pursuit of her Christmas desires, set to the uplifting backdrop of ‘Higher Love’ – Kygo & Whitney Houston.

The ad showcases selfless acts of kindness, shedding light on the harsh realities faced by many families amid the current cost of living crisis. It encourages us to consider the true meaning of the season and support people like Maddie.


2. Aldi –  Kevin and the Chocolate Factory


Last year we posed the question, ‘Are John Lewis still king of Christmas adverts?’. It seems that Aldi may have taken the crown.

Aldi have had a successful couple of years with Ebanana Scrooge and Home Alone taking to our screens yet again. This year, the appearance of Willy Wonka and his whimsical Aldi-themed Christmas factory, complete with a gravy river and ‘trumpeting sprouts’. It seems that Aldi just continue to outdo themselves, could this be the best Aldi advert ever?

Aldi know how to appeal to a wide audience, extending their campaign beyond just the TV advert, and building the momentum with social media teasers pre-release of the advert. Could it be that Kevin the Carrot is on his way to becoming the new face of Christmas?

Providing a minute and a half of laughter and clever innuendos so subtle that the kids will miss. Aldi’s effort ranks firmly in second place.


1. Amazon – Joy Ride


Sometimes, it’s the music that steals the show.  We can’t be the only ones who refer to John Lewis’ adverts as the one with ‘Lily Allen’s cover of Keane’.

The brilliant use of The Beatles’ ‘In My Life’ tells the story of three elderly ladies reliving their younger days. Sing the lyrics for yourself and experience the magic of Amazon’s storytelling coming to life.

The key themes of friendship, gratitude and nostalgia were apparent, in a light-hearted, emotional and humorous way. Dare we say this showed other retailers how to truly tell a story…read more on this later!


It may (or may not!) come as a surprise to you that John Lewis have slid the ranks, and not made it into our top five! What’s your opinion on the ad? Keep an eye out on our YouTube channel for David and Dan’s expert analysis. 

Join us next week as we delve into the not-so good this Christmas, and do Christmas adverts really make or break your Christmas campaign? In the meantime, let us know your favourite advert over on our social media.

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