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Pay-Per-Click [PPC] Management

Hit your targets with precision.

Taking your first step into the world of online advertising? Is your current Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy not performing as well as you’d hoped? Whatever your PPC needs are, we’re here to help.

As a Google Partner Agency, we are proficient and experienced in PPC management of accounts with budgets of up to £5,000 per month. We offer PPC support in a wide range of industries, including retail, pharmaceuticals, app development, real estate, and more. Whatever industry you work in, we’re confident that we can fulfil your needs.

We also offer PPC support on other channels, such as Bing, Facebook, and Instagram. This gives you much more flexibility for your online advertising strategy. It also allows you to target a multitude of audiences across a wide variety of channels.

Ecommerce PPC is another channel that you might want to consider in your PPC strategy. We focus on placing ads in areas where products or services similar to yours are featured. This audience is already interested in your product, they may just not know about your brand. Targeted ads on eBay or Google Shopping could be the next big thing in your PPC strategy!

Your PPC strategy should also be focused on achieving your conversion goals. If your conversion rate is low, it’s a sure sign that your PPC strategy isn’t working for you. We specialise in reviewing and reorganising your strategy to ensure that all of your ads are working together, across multiple channels, to reach your goals!

A key part of achieving your PPC goals is creating engaging and effective ads. Our content team specialise in writing ad copy for both search engine and social media advertising. We also produce other ad assets, including images, graphics, and video. A great PPC strategy is crucial, but none of it matters without a compelling ad!

Once a potential customer has clicked on your ad, it’s important that your landing page is working towards a conversion. An effective landing page can raise a campaign’s conversion rate drastically. We love creating landing pages that really speak to your customers. Once they’ve clicked on your ad, they’re a step away from converting. A great landing page makes this happen.

PPC campaigns also require constant optimisation. You can’t optimise without the right data and analytics, though. We provide you with regular and thorough reports on your PPC campaigns to ensure you have everything you need to make decisions. Regular reporting also allows us to make progressive changes to your PPC campaigns. A successful campaign is one that constantly adapts.

Google Ads Management & Optimisation

Creation and management of your Google Ads account, including ongoing optimisation to ensure your account is reaching its full potential.

Bing Ads Management & Optimisation

As the closest competing search engine to Google, Bing is a platform worth targeting. We ensure that your ads and account are the best they can be.

Reporting &

Thorough and robust reporting & analytics are crucial to creating successful campaigns. Consistent improvement requires data, and we provide that every step of the way.


Relevant and highly-tailored ad campaigns that aim to increase your conversion rates by targeting visitors to your website.


Producing engaging e-commerce PPC campaigns across multiple channels, including Google Shopping and eBay.

Social Media PPC Management

Management and creation of dynamic and targeted PPC campaigns across a variety of social media channels.

Display & Video

Top quality assets improve ad engagement. We create visually engaging images, graphics, and videos to make your ads stand out from the others!

Optimised Landing

Design and creation of optimised landing pages tailored to your PPC and conversion strategies. It’s time that your landing pages converted as much traffic as possible!

Ad Text

Crafting elegant and conversion-driving copy is key to creating great ads. All of our ad copy is carefully composed by our in-house copywriting experts.

Speak to one of our Google Adwords certified staff today about any of our PPC advertising services. Whether it’s optimisation of your Ad accounts, creation of a new Social Media ad campaign, if you just need some strategic advice, we’re here to help!

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