Emojis That Should Exist

In our digital age, we rarely send a message or post a social media update without an emoji. In fact, it’s true that sometimes emojis can step in where words fail. Naturally, as digital enthusiasts, we love a great emoji

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Terrifying Social Media Mistakes

Happy Halloween from all of us at redPepper! Social media should form a big part of your business’s marketing strategy, and done right, can be really successful. However, as a digital marketing agency, we see loads of simple mistakes that

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2017 Emojis Release Finalised

The Emoji 5.0 list has been finalised and will be released this year! The new release contains 69 emojis, which each vendor will have to individually approve for release on their respective platforms. This number goes up to 239 emojis

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British vs American English

What are the differences, and why do they exist? As a copywriter, there are few things that frustrate me more than the eternal struggle between using British and American English. Let me give you an example. Imagine that you’re writing

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