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About Us

We are a Colchester-based team of creative thinkers and digital specialists passionate about designing and implementing marketing campaigns to deliver the results your business needs.

As a full-service marketing agency, we have a wide range of specialist areas adaptable to suit your needs and achieve your business objectives. We get to know you and your business, merging seamlessly with your own team to provide you with marketing expertise that complements your business operations. As well as becoming part of your team, we can act as your marketing team away-from-home, providing all of the services of a regular marketing department!

For over 18 years, we’ve successfully served clients across a range of industries including pharmaceuticals, charity organisations, travel, education, healthcare, and retail. We’ve helped our clients energise, propel and transform their marketing strategies. Are you ready to find out more about how together, we can do this for you?

Meet the Team

Strategy – Michelle Tennens and Amie Sotiriou

Help from a strategic expert can be vital in getting perspective on your latest campaign, that’s where Michelle and Amie come in! They lead the redPepper Marketing team and bring everyone together to help you reach your business objectives.

Content – Peter Warner and Emilie Flack

Content and copywriting form the foundations of your marketing. Peter and Emilie will get to grips with your campaign and find all the right words to tell your organisation’s story in an engaging, informative and compelling way.

Digital – Ellie Stead and David Buckingham

Digital marketing has never been more important, and it’s here to stay. Ellie and David specialise in the nuances of digital that give many marketing managers a headache! If it’s digital and you need help, Ellie and David are the team to call.

Our Company Values

Our true focus is delivering great marketing and making a difference to the people we work with. Our culture is based on the Christian values stemming from our Founder’s faith. This means that we strive to be ethical in our work and deliver honest, sound marketing.

We love working for charities and aim to give 100 hours of work to charities each year at a reduced rate. If you’re a charity and would like to work with us, why not get in touch and book a meeting today.

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