Five benefits of having an Office Dog

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Office Dog of the Year

If seeing all the fluffy dogs on your social feed is encouraging you to find an office dog of your own, we’re here to give you a few pointers of encouragement with all the benefits an office dog may bring to your workplace. From improving physical health to strengthening bonds between colleagues, an office dog can transform your workplace culture and overall employee satisfaction.

Reduce stress and boost office morale

Not only does bringing a pet to the office reduce stress, but dogs also make the office environment much friendlier for all employees. US researchers found those with access to dogs were less stressed as the day went on than those who had none. Improving mental wellbeing is key to job satisfaction and reducing labour turnover in the long run.

Increase productivity

Research has shown that stress can contribute to employee absenteeism and burnout. It can also result in a significant loss of productivity. Furthermore, a dog allows for regular breaks to recharge and refresh employees’ minds.

Promote an active lifestyle

Sitting at a desk for 8 hours can be draining and lead to ongoing health problems. That quick lunchtime walk helps the brain to reset, allowing for more creativity and productivity as the day goes on.

Encourage communication within the office

Office dogs can encourage team bonding throughout the day, creating a friendly and relaxing workplace culture.
An added bonus is that dogs can be great for encouraging social media engagement. People just love animal pictures. If you’re in need of some office dog pick-me-ups throughout your day, follow us on Instagram to see lots of fluffy Office Dog of the Year 2021 entrants!

Great for the pup

Inviting your dog along to the office takes stress off owners worried about leaving their dogs home alone. After so many of us worked from home throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many owners have seen a shift in their pup’s behaviours- struggling to be left alone. So, why not bring your dog on a new adventure!

We love having our friendly puggle, Sky in the office. Read on for our top tips for keeping pets in the workplace:

-Ensure you maintain good hygiene- we recommend storing basic equipment at the ready! Rigorous cleaning should also be practiced to prevent a build-up of fur in the office.

-Introduce new pets slowly- they may find it overwhelming at first! Ensure they have a comfortable surrounding with plenty to keep them entertained (a nice warm bed for a lunchtime kip).

-Inform employees of your dog’s needs- this could include their favourite treats; lunchtime walk routines and more.

-Check that employees are happy with pets in the office. Some people are allergic to pets or may feel intimidated by dogs.

Creating guidelines or office surveys may be good practice.

Keep us in the loop! If we have encouraged you to bring your pup to work, tag us in your social media photos and enter the Office Dog of the Year competition by Tuesday 30th November 2021.

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