B2B Marketing Expo: redPepper’s key takeaways

by | Jan 26, 2022 | redPepper Marketing

In November 2021, the redPepper content and digital teams took a day out-of-office to broaden our knowledge of upcoming marketing trends. The B2B Marketing Expo was jam-packed with informative seminars delivered by industry thought leaders and pitches from upcoming marketing businesses and platforms.

As a team, we believe it’s important to continually widen our knowledge of the marketing world to bring fresh and vibrant ideas to our clients. We have noted down some of our favourite takeaways from the day to share with like-minded marketing strategists like you!

There are a few points that have stuck out in our minds, which we will be implementing to our clients’ strategies in 2022.

“Social media isn’t 100% of anyone’s job, it’s 10% of everyone’s job”- Onalytica

This quote from Onalytica sparked conversation amongst our team. Social media shouldn’t just be left in the hands of a social media manager to promote your brand. As an employee, you should take it upon yourself to become a brand advocate. Use your Linkedin (or other platforms) to build awareness of the projects you’re working on or the culture of your business!

Start today. Make sure you’re liking and sharing your workplace’s posts and commenting on industry posts to improve your visibility. Remember, it’s FREE marketing. Ensure the integration of employee and influencer advocacy by encouraging employees to engage.

How can we influence people AND build trust?

Here’s some reasons why you should be developing an influencer marketing strategy for 2022:

-Influencer marketing is expected to be worth $15 billion by 2022 (Influencer Marketing Hub)

-In the world of social media, 75% of users would consider purchasing from influencers (Nielson).

Ask yourself, does your audience trust your brand? Who or what influences their decisions?

‘Data gives us trends, trends get us behaviours, behaviours get us customers’- SleepingGiant

It’s not just about the content you place on social media. Measure social media attribution to maximise effectiveness, prove value and reward effort. In turn, this will translate to real-world business wins and direct your business strategy.

The opportunity gave us the chance to experience a different environment full of new ideas.

Why not take a look at the expo and apply for the next event in November 2022?

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