2017 Emojis release finalised

The Emoji 5.0 list has been finalised and will be released this year! The new release contains 69 emojis, which each vendor will have to individually approve for release on their respective platforms. This number goes up to 239 emojis if we count all of the different gender and skin tone variations on offer. That’s a lot of emojis and, frankly, we’re excited.

There are obviously too many emojis to cover in one blog, but it’s important that you realise just how amazing this is. As you can see from the picture on this blog, there’s a variety of different emojis coming our way in June. These include fantasy emojis such as vampires, elves, and wizards which will make our emoji-only rewrite of Lord of the Rings a lot more achievable.

A few more yellow smileys are coming our way as well, such as a monocle-wearing one and a smiley making a ‘shhh’ gesture.

We’re also seeing a few that, let’s face it, will probably gather dust in most of our emoji keyboards. These include a man/woman in a sauna and an emoji version of a curling stone. That being said, we are going to be up to a grand total of 1,157 emojis once Unicode 10.0 drops. How many do you actually use regularly? It’s good that loads of different emojis are being developed, even if they’re seldom used because you never know when you’ll need to tell your friends about that cute Hedgehog you saw wearing a cap.

What emojis would you like to see released in 2018? Maybe you’re tired of not being able to declare your love of a full-English breakfast in emoji format? Or perhaps you’re concerned about the lack of Orc representation in the emoji catalogue? Let us know what you’d like to see by tweeting at us (@weareredpepper) and don’t forget to share your thoughts on this latest batch of emojis!

All images sourced from Emojipedia: http://blog.emojipedia.org/final-2017-emoji-list/



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