Emojis that should exist

In our digital age, we rarely send a message or post a social media update without an emoji. In fact, it’s true that sometimes emojis can step in where words fail. Naturally, as digital enthusiasts, we love a great emoji and recently, they’ve been the topic of many conversations amongst the team. This blog post will run through some of our favourite emojis, those that we find ourselves reaching for regularly. We’ll also share our thoughts on emojis that we wish existed! Pizza heart eyes, anyone?

Our favourites

From expressions to food, to every flag imaginable, with 2,823 emojis to choose from (and counting), picking a favourite can be a tricky task. Here’s just some of the emojis that we find ourselves frequently using and feel need a little more appreciation!

Party emoji

Party face

Sometimes it’s important to celebrate the small things. You made it an entire day with just one shop bought coffee? Party face. You haven’t ordered a takeaway in two weeks? Party face. You got up and out of your pyjamas before midday on a weekend? Party face.

Pleading eyes

Pleading face

Master the art of persuasion with this pleading face or, as we like to think of it, “puppy dog eyes”. A new introduction in 2018, this all too adorable expression has become a frequent choice on our emoji keyboard.

Wavy mouth face

Woozy face

Another new face in the 2018 emoji update, this is a firm favourite amongst the team. On first glance, you might be confused by its purpose and could, in fact, end up pulling this expression. But, we like to call it versatile! Whether you’re tired, dazed, bewildered, irritated, disgusted, exhausted or satisfied, it works.

Emojis we think should exist

Do you often find yourself reaching for an emoji that just isn’t there? Us too! Here are some of the emojis that we wish existed.

Embarrassed emoji

Embarrassed face

Perhaps we’ve all been there more than we’d care to admit, but an embarrassed face is one that’s clearly missing from our emoji collection. Yes, we have some close alternatives, but nothing that truly says embarrassment. We’re talking a red face, anxious expression, and inverted eyebrows, an emoji to comfort us in those times that we feel a little flushed!

Coffee takeaway

Takeaway coffee

Perhaps it’s the emoji you never knew you needed, but we’re certain that now we’ve mentioned it, millennials everywhere are screaming “YES!” Whether it’s Starbucks, Costa, or something in-between, we know that everyone needs an emoji version of those little white polystyrene cups in their life…right?

Dog emojis

Some dog appreciation

“But there’s plenty of dog emojis?” We hear what you’re saying, but imagine how great it’d be to have dog expressions, just like we do for cats. We’re talking dogs with tears of joy, angry dogs, grinning dogs and more. How else are you going to explain in emoji form the face your dog pulls when they hear the word “walkies”?

Pizza heart eyes

Finally, our favourite, a pizza heart eyes emoji! This is just what we’re missing for those Friday nights when pizza is the only thing on your mind? You know we’ve got a strong case, now let’s just hope emoji designers are fans of a lunchtime pizza order just as much as we are!

Are there any emojis that you wish existed? Let us know over on Twitter and Facebook, we’d love to hear them!



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